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Manipulators, special machines, fixtures ready assembled or as parts

Parts and subcomponents pre-assembled of ultrasonic welding equipment

Parts of patrol/surveillance robot ATV

Parts of special underwater equipments and remote controlled robots

Further references

In-tech Konzoltechnika Kft.: inox fasteners (60.000 pieces/year), other inox parts in a value of  17.000 EUR.

Dunaferr Dunai Vasmű Rt.: conveyor belt parts, axles, clutches, precision cast boring heads, other equipments for steel production industry in a value of 27.000.- EUR/year.

Montivo Kft. (member of the finnish IVO Group): parts and subassemblies of nuclear power plant equipments in a value of 30.000.- EUR. Canadian project.

NRG Netherlands: various material testing manipulators for nuclear power plants in Sweden and Germany.

Gradel s.a.r.l. : inox parts for special underwater pumps and navigation satelites.

Refurbishment and maintenance of machine tools up to 10.000.- EUR for numerous partners.